Level 6 Diploma in Construction Contracting Operations Management

The quickest way to achieve your Black CSCS Card

£1,200 +VAT

£1,500 +VAT

  • Easy and straight forward process. We tell you what evidence to gather so there’s no guesswork. We will ensure the achievement of your NVQ is seamless and stress-free
  • One-to-one support. You will receive one-to-one video call support with an experienced assessor. We will also provide you with unrivalled learning materials to help you achieve your qualification
  • Further personal and career development. Make yourself a more attractive prospect to your current or potential employer with extensive expert knowledge
  • Your progress is continuously tracked. We track and monitor your work to help you stick to the deadline you have agreed. You will be assigned a Learner Journey Manager to guide you throughout the process
  • Easy to use online e-portfolio. You can submit your work for assessment at any time. We provide you with an easy-to-understand structure on how to submit your modular unit assignments

This NVQ route is aimed at experienced managers within the construction industry who are NOT “site-based” Site Managers or Project Managers. 

This route is suitable for Contracts Managers, Company owners/Directors Commercial Managers. If your job is “multi-site” or “specialist“, such as scaffolding and access, this is the route for you!

The NVQ is an assessment of your existing knowledge and performance, with NO EXAMINATION. 

  • The quickest and most cost-effective way to get your Black CSCS Card. 
  • Flexible online assessment so you can send your work at any time.
  • Full assessment support throughout your NVQ, with frequent check-ins from our Learner Journey Manager.
  • No jargons, so we give you clear explanations on what work-based evidence you need for your portfolio.

NVQ Overview

Suitable for those in a Construction Management role, as well as Site Engineers, Buyers, Planners, Small Business Directors and Surveyors.

Upon completion, you will achieve a Black Managers CSCS Card. To achieve your Black CSCS Card, you will need to successfully pass your HSE (Health, Safety & Environmental) test for Managers.

While you will not be required to take any formal examinations, you are however regularly assessed on your work-based competency. An assessor will be assigned to you, as well as a dedicated Learner Journey Manager to ensure we provide you with all the help you need to complete the qualification within the target timeframe of 6 months based on committing 3-4 hours a week.

To achieve the qualification candidates must complete ALL of the mandatory units, plus the mandatory/optional unit requirements in one of the Pathways.

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